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Generative Art

The term generative art has become associated with production of digital artwork using mathematics and associated software. It usually involves the use of mathematic equations, either directly or indirectly through a graphic interface.

Fractal | Procedural | LineArt 


All the images in this gallery have been created using Chaotica or Wildfire. They were conceived and designed for large format printing. Some of the intricate detail will not be evident on this much smaller scale.

Epispiral Ferns
Sero 2
Out From the Sun
The Red Man
Blue-green Orb
Fifteen Squares


In computing terms 'Procedural' is the method of generating data using an alogorithm or mathematical equation. The art presented here is created ion such a manner. The primary software that I use is Open Processing 3. Once the image has been generated I may apply additional processing, such as colourisation, to enhance the aesthetic.

Spiral Attractor
Coloured Waves
Organic Trails


These LineArt images were created in Adobe Illustrator. The colours were enhanced in Adobe Photoshop, primarily using colour grading techniques.