Creating a Tiny Planet

TinyPlanetIn this article I will show you how I created this Tiny Planet from a panoramic image made up from a series of individual photographs.

You can, of course, use a single image cropped to a panoramic format. To start with, try a crop of 3:1. Align the “surface” of the planet along the vertical centre of the image.

Firstly when creating your initial panoramic image make sure that the images that make up the ends of your final image look similar. They don’t have to be identical as we will tidy them up so that the wrap looks nice.

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EOS Utility and Wireless File Transmitter (WFT)

The EOS Utility is a standard piece of software supplied by Canon for its range of DSLR cameras. EOS Utility can control the camera either via a USB connection or, using a WFT transmitter attached to the camera, via WiFi. The USB connection is by far the simplest to set up and use, but the WiFi connection using a WFT transmitter does require a a bit of head scratching!

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Introduction to Camera Control

This is the first in series of articles in which I will be looking at some of the ways that I use to remotely control a Canon DSLR; in this case an EOS 5D Mk2. Many of the techniques will also apply to other EOS cameras, and to cameras by other manufacturers.

Typical control scenarios include:

  • Timelapse – taking individual pictures over a period of time that can subsequently be stitched together as a movie. This includes automatic control of the shutter as well as the movement of the camera.
  • Stop Motion – similar to timelapse, but rather than using a times sequence, retaining control over individual frames, whilst providing automated movement of the camera.
  • Remote Picture and Video Capture – firing the shutter remotely by manual control where you can also get a remote image using Live View, and change aperture and shutter setting with the need to approach the camera.

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Welcome to my blog page. I am a freelance photographer specialising in fine art photography; photographing artwork, ceramics, scuplture, jewellery and pottery; and restoring historic photographs. I also work with camera motion control using the DitoGear rig. This is a great rig for camera control for timelapse, video and stop-motion animation.

In these page I will be describing some of the techniques that I use. I hope you enjoy reading them. Feel free to ask questions, comment or provide updates.