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All these images are square, and will be centred in the final print. You can select whether the sides of the canvas block contain the edges of the image, or whether it is black or white.

Please Note: Due to the many variations in monitor configuration, the printed image may look slightly different from the one you see on your screen.
Lichen Series 1Pebbles Series 1Flora Series 1Feathers Series 1Feathers Series 2Rockpool Series 1Rockpool Series 2Water Colours Series 1Water Colours Series 2Bark Series 1Fishing Tackle Series 1Fishing Nets Series 2Lobster Pots Series 1Blosom Series 1Magnum Opus Series 1Watercolour Series 3Rusty Chain Series 1Crabs Series 1Fishing Tackle Series 2Fishing Tackle Series 3