Introduction to Camera Control

This is the first in series of articles in which I will be looking at some of the ways that I use to remotely control a Canon DSLR; in this case an EOS 5D Mk2. Many of the techniques will also apply to other EOS cameras, and to cameras by other manufacturers.

Typical control scenarios include:

  • Timelapse – taking individual pictures over a period of time that can subsequently be stitched together as a movie. This includes automatic control of the shutter as well as the movement of the camera.
  • Stop Motion – similar to timelapse, but rather than using a times sequence, retaining control over individual frames, whilst providing automated movement of the camera.
  • Remote Picture and Video Capture – firing the shutter remotely by manual control where you can also get a remote image using Live View, and change aperture and shutter setting with the need to approach the camera.

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