Mounting a Telinga Parabolic Microphone on a Camera Tripod

Trying to hold a Telinga Parabolic Microphone steady for several minutes can really cause your arm to ache – it also can lead to handling noise on the recording. To overcome this I decided to investigate ways of supporting the mic on camera tripod.


My solution is to mount the microphone by it’s handle using a binocular clamp. The one that I found to be most effective is the Manfrotto 035BN Binocular Superclamp.

Making a Windshield for a Telinga Parabolic Microphone

Cover2The Telinga Pro 5 Parabolic Microphone copes well with a gentle breeze, depending on the direction of the wind hitting the mic. However, for stronger wind, as with all directional microphones, it needs some form of protection. So, I decided to make myself a windshield.


The manufacture of the windshield is very straight forward. Continue reading